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Dial-A-Buoy - Hawaii

Dial-A-Buoy provides the mariner with an easy to use system to receive current weather information for Hawaii, U.S. Pacific Territories, and their surrounding waters. The system is accessed through a toll free phone number allowing the mariner to gather up to date weather information any time and anywhere they can make a phone call.

The Station List

The table below lists the coast stations and buoys in the vicinity of Hawaii and other Pacific Territories. We have also converted the mixed character and number station id’s to their numeric equivalent to aid in dialing in the correct number.

We have started in Hawaii and continued west to the Pacific Territories and Trusts.

While not every station has been included, the list is comprehensive enough to provide very good coverage. If any errors are noted or if you would like to see a particular station included that we have left out, please e-mail us with any corrections or recommendations.

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Hawaiian WX Reporting Buoys & Stations


Name Station ID Location Description Wave Heights Phone ID
Southeast Hawaii Buoy 51004 17°36’06" N 152°23’42" W 205 NM SE of Hilo, HI Yes 51004
Northern Hawaii One Buoy 51000 23°32’17" N 153°48’29" W 245 NM NE of Honolulu, O’ahu Yes 51000
Hilo Buoy 51206 19°46’48" N 154°58’12" W 7.5 NM ENE of Hilo, HI Yes 51206
Southwest Hawaii Buoy 51 002 17°02’14" N 157°41’45" W 215 NM SSW of Hilo, HI Yes 51002
Pauwela 51205 21°01’06" N 156°25’31" W 8.3 NM NNE of Kahului, Maui Yes 51205
Kaumalapau Southwest Buoy 51213 20°45’01" N 157°00’12" W 6.1 NM ssw of Lanai, Lana’i, HI Yes 51203
Mokapu Point Buoy 51202 21°24’54" N 157°40’42" W 3.5 NM ENE of Kailua, O’ahu, HI Yes 51202
Kaneohe Bay Buoy 51210 21°28’37" N 157°45’21" W 5.2 NM NNE of Kaneohe, O’ahu Yes 51210
Pearl Harbor Entrance Buoy 51211 21°17’50" N 157°57’32" W 2.9 NM SSE of Pearl Harbor, O’ahu, HI Yes 51211
Waimea Bay Buoy 51201 21°40’14" N 158°07’02" W 3.4 NM WNW of Pupukea, O’ahu, HI Yes 51201
Barbers Point Buoy 51212 21°19’23" N 158°08’58" W 3.8 NM West of Barbers Point, O’ahu, HI Yes 51212
Hanalei Buoy 51208 21°19’23" N 158°08’58" W 6.6 NM NW of Hanalei, Kaua’i, HI Yes 51208
Western Hawaii Buoy 51003 19°17’20" N 160°34’10" W 205 NM SW of Honolulu, O’ahu Yes 51003
Northwestern Hawaii Two Buoy 51101 19°17’20" N 160°34’10" W 190 NM NSW of Kaua’i, HI Yes 51101

Pacific Territories WX Reporting Buoys & Stations

Pacific Territories and Trusts

Name Station ID Location Description Wave Heights Phone ID
Midway Islands SNDP5 28°12’54" N 177°21’40" W Sand Island, Midway Islands   76375
Wake Island WAKP8 19°17’26" N 166°37’03" E Wake Island   92578
Tanapag, Saipan Buoy 52211 15°16’05" N 145°39’44" E 5.7 NM WNW of Tanapag, Saipan   52211
Ritidan Point Buoy 52202 13°41’01" N 144°48’44" E 3.3 NM NW of Ritidan Point, Guam Yes 52202
Ipan Buoy 52200 13°21’15" N 144°47’18" E 2.0 NM East of Talofofo, Guam   52200
Kalo Buoy 52201 7°05’01" N 171°23’31" E 0.8 NM SE of Majuro, Marshall Islands Yes 52201

Dial-A-Buoy Downloads

The buoy and station list can be downloaded for your personal use. The ZIP file contains the schedule in Adobe (.pdf) file format.

Hawaii & Pacific Islands

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