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Are you a boating novice, a seasoned professional captain, or maybe like most, you fall somewhere in between? Perhaps you are involved in local or long distance cruising and passagemaking, yacht and boat deliveries, or maybe you are just heading offshore for a day’s fishing. Regardless of where your interest lies within our boating and yachting community; "Welcome to the BlueSeas Website."

So what can you expect to find on the BlueSeas Website? Simply put, "a wide selection of marine resources to assist you in getting to where you want to go." Specifically, we cover marine navigation, cruising guides, marine communications, boating safety, and marine weather. We are sure that BlueSeas will become a valuable extension to your cruising library.

In order to ensure content quality at BlueSeas, we are constantly updating our existing resources and adding new material as it becomes available. You should note that many of the publications we offer are revised annually or in some cases even more frequently. So check back with us often or subscribe to "The Navigator’s Newsletter" to be notified of the latest editions or when we add new resources.

Most of the boating resources found on our site are in the public domain (this means free of copyright restrictions.) While some copyrighted material is on our website, it is so marked. Given that, it is still free to download for your personal, private, and non-commercial use only.

In an effort to reduce file size and allow for faster downloading, we have tried to standardize all downloadable files into a Zipped PDF format.

We also offer a "Free Directory of Marine Companies." You can list your business with us at absolutely no cost and get your company name out to highly engaged members of the maritime community both professional and recreational.

If you have suggestions or recommendations for additional material, questions, or comments, we would like to hear from you. Send us an email to our General Mailbox " " or you can visit our "Contact Us" page for individual department email addresses. Whatever method you choose is fine, just keep us in the loop and "Let Us Know What’s On Your Mind!"

So, for the casual boater, the navigator, the cruiser or passagemaker, yacht and boat delivery crew, or anyone else spending their time on the water; we hope that you find some of these yachting and boating resources useful whenever you get underway. Welcome Aboard.

Jerry and the Crew @ BlueSeas