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Welcome to the BlueSeas Website and thank you for your interest in partnering with us. We welcome the opportunity to show you just how far your advertising dollar can go.

BlueSeas serves over 29,000 highly targeted readers a month. Our readership consists of boat and yacht owners, cruisers, and captains who are seeking the latest information on their cruising itineraries and destinations.

We provide critical navigation data and publications as well as general cruising related information to the boating and yachting community for both the recreational and professional mariner. Online since 2011 and having a year over year growth rate in readership of over 20% demonstrates that we are reaching our targeted audience.


Membership has its Advantages!

Our #1 responsibility is to our readership and we feel that providing them with a selection of high quality marine suppliers, facilities, and service providers will be one more means to that end. A partnership with BlueSeas will provide tangible benefits to you, the advertiser, as well as our readers.

If your business offers products, facilities, or services that are relevant to the boating and yachting community, then picture your ad on any of our pages like the ones shown on this page.

Whether you are looking for a broad "Branding" campaign or you are looking to serve a single “Product or Service” to a defined segment of the boating community, look no further than BlueSeas. Here, you have your choice. You can run your campaign broadly over our entire site or you can drill down into our content to the specific audience you are seeking to serve; providing you the maximum benefit for your advertising dollar.

Website Statistics

For the year 2014

Readers: 188,168
Page Views: 383,755

For the year 2016

Readers: 292,989
Page Views: 459,746

For the year 2018

Readers: 355,449
Page Views: 554,546

For the year 2015

Readers: 267,651
Page Views: 457,246

For the year 2017

Readers: 277,445
Page Views: 428,202

For the year 2019

Readers: 345,046
Page Views: 690,595

A better than 29% increase in readership over 5 years!

You can view our complete statistics by visiting our Website Statistics Page.

Consider This! The BlueSeas Readership are not casual internet surfers. They are active and dedicated boaters seeking the latest information for outfitting their boats or planning their next cruise.

"How Better to Target Your Marine Business Advertising!"

Starpath School of Navigation

Starpath School of Navigation

When You Absolutely Have To Get There!

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