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The Caribbean’s Current Marine Weather Observations

Dial-A-Buoy - Caribbean

Dial-A-Buoy provides the mariner with an easy to use system to receive current weather information for the Caribbean and its surrounding waters. The system is accessed through a toll free phone number allowing the mariner to gather up to date weather information any time and anywhere they can make a phone call.

The Station List

The table below lists the coast stations and buoys in the vicinity of the Caribbean. We have also converted the mixed character and number station id’s to their numeric equivalent to aid in dialing in the correct number.

While not every station has been included, the list is comprehensive enough to provide very good coverage. If any errors are noted or if you would like to see a particular station included that we have left out, please e-mail us with any corrections or recommendations.

Caribbean WX Reporting Buoys & Stations

Western Caribbean

Name Station ID Location Description Wave Heights Phone ID
Yucatan Basin Buoy 42056 19°55’06" N 84°56’18" W 120 NM ESE of Cozumel, MX Yes 42056
Western Caribbean Buoy 42057 16°54’30" N 81°25’18" W 195 NM WSW of Negril, Jamaica Yes 42057
Little Cayman Buoy 42089 19°41’57" N 80°03’39" W Little Cayman, Cayman Islands   42089
Central Caribbean Buoy 42058 14°53’17" N 74°34’30" W 210 NM SSE of Kingston, Jamaica Yes 42058

Caribbean WX Reporting Buoys & Stations

Eastern Caribbean

Name Station ID Location Description Wave Heights Phone ID
Puerto Plata Buoy 41057 19°50’00" N 70°43’52" W 4.0 NM NW of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic   41057
Catuan Wreck Buoy 42090 18°25’55" N 69°34’48" W 2 NM SE of Boco Chica, Dominican Republic   42090
Mona Island MISP4 18°05’24" N 67°56’19" W Isla Mona, PR   64774
Eastern Caribbean Buoy 42059 15°15’06" N 67°30’36" W 180 NM SSW of Ponce, PR Yes 42059
Rincon 41115 18°22’36" N 67°16’47" W 2.8 NM NNW of Rincon, PR   27674
Arecibo AROP4 18°28’50" N 66°42’08" W Arecibo, PR   27674
San Juan Buoy, 41053 18°28’28" N 66°05’56" W San Juan, PR Yes 41053
Magueyes Islands MGIP4 17°58’12" N 67°02’47" W 0.3 NM South of La Parguera, PR   64474
Ponce Buoy 42085 17°51’36" N 66°31’26" W 10.4 NM SE of Ponce, PR Yes 42085
Yabucoa YABP4 18°03’18" N 65°49’59" W Yabucoa Harbor, PR   92274
Fajardo FRDP4 18°20’06" N 65°37’52" W Fajardo, PR   37374
Vieques Buoy 41056 18°15’40" N 65°27’51" W 7.0 NM North of Vieques, PR Yes 41056
NE Puerto Rico Buoy 41043 21°07’56" N 64°51’22" W 174 NM NNE of San Juan, PR Yes 41043
St. Thomas Buoy 41058 18°28’34" N 65°09’25" W 13.8 NM NW of Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, USVI Yes 41058
Charlotte Amalie CHAV3 18°20’06" N 64°55’11" W Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, USVI   24283
St. John Buoy 41052 18°14’59" N 64°45’48" W 5.2 NM SE of Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI Yes 41052
Christiansted Harbor CHSV3 17°44’53" N 64°41’56" W Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI   24783
St. Martin Buoy 41044 21°34’30" N 58°37’16" W 330 NM NE of St. Martin Yes 41044
Barbuda BARA9 17°35’26" N 61°49’14" W 3.1 NM South of Codrington, Barbuda   22729
Caribbean Valley 42060 16°23’12" N 63°21’00" W 67.0 NM WSW of Plymouth, Montserrat Yes 42060
Angel’s Reef 42088 11°18’04" N 60°31’16" W 1 NM NE of Speyside Eastern Tobago   42088
Buccoo Reef 42087 11°11’06" N 60°50’52" W 3.4 NM NE of Mt. Pleasant Western Tobago   42087

Dial-A-Buoy Downloads

The buoy and station list can be downloaded for your personal use. The ZIP file contains the schedule in Adobe (.pdf) file format.

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