Erie Canal Cruising File Downloads

Erie Canal Cruising Downloads

Below are links to download all Erie Canal cruising files:

Erie Canal Locks Table

A complete listing of all locks on the Erie Canal with their locations, lifts, lock phone numbers, distances, and transit times. Distances in Statute Miles, Nautical Miles, and Kilometers.

Erie Canal Locks Table - Download

Erie Canal Lock Chamber Waypoints

A complete list of lock chamber waypoints with their locations and latitude & longitude of the center of the lock chamber.

Erie Canal Lock Chamber Waypoints - Download

Erie Canal Bridges

A complete listing of all bridges, guard gates, overhead pipelines, and other structures crossing the Erie Canal. Bridge names, mile markers, identification, and vertical clearances at both normal and maximum pool levels are shown.

Erie Canal Bridge Clearances Table - Download

Erie Canal Speeds

A listing of authorized speeds for the Eastern and Western sections of the Erie Canal. Canal speeds are available in MPH, Knots, and KPH.

Erie Canal Speed Tables - Download

Erie Canal Distances

Distance tables showing ports, locks, and canal junctions along the Erie Canal. Tables are available in Statute Miles, Nautical Miles, and Kilometers.

Erie Canal Distance Tables - Download

Erie Canal Transit Times

Our Transit Tables showing the time required to transit the Erie Canal and various points along its route. These tables show times based on MPH, Knots, or KPH.

Erie Canal Transit Times - Download

Erie Canal WX Radio

NOAA WX Radio out of various locations along the Erie Canal with coverage for the entire length of the canal. Providing current and forecasted weather and emergency alerts.

Once at Lake Erie, NOAA WX Radio out of Buffalo, NY (KEB98 broadcasting on 162.550 MHz – channel WX-1) will provide coverage of near shore and open waters weather as far west as Ripley, NY.

Erie Canal NOAA WX Radio Table - Download

Erie Canal NavPak

All tables mentioned above including: Erie Canal Locks Table, Lock Chamber Waypoints, Bridge and Obstruction Vertical Clearances, Speeds, Distances, Transit Times, and WX Radio can be downloaded as a single file.

Erie Canal NavPak - Download

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