Free Advertising Policy

General Notes

"Free Advertising" will be limited to a maximum of (2) slots on any given page, dependent on page length.

"Advertisement Relevancy" Your business and advertisement must be relevant to the boating and yachting community. We realize that many in the boating community are golfers, but advertisements featuring golf courses or clubs are still not relevant to the content of our website.

"Non-Rotational Advertisement" This means that your ad will appear every time the page is viewed. It may appear in different locations on the page, but it will always appear; providing you with maximum exposure.

"Location Relevancy" Your ad will be placed on a page that is relevant to your business location. If you own a marina in St. Augustine, FL your ad is not going to run on a page about the Erie Canal.

"Subscription Length" Your advertisement will run for (6) months.

Advertising Guidelines

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Advertising Requirements

*It is also important for you to strike a balance between quality art work and your banner file size. Banners that exceed 40k and affect page loading speeds will not be accepted. Please keep your file sizes as small as possible.


At no time does the appearance of any advertising on this website imply endorsement of the advertised company, product, or service unless specifically stated otherwise. Advertisers do not affect editorial content in any way.

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To sign up or for our Free Advertising program go to our Free Advertising Request Form page or email us at with your requests.

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