Free Advertising for Maritime Businesses

How Much?

Let's get the question about "The Bottom Line" out of the way first.

Advertising with BlueSeas is "Very Inexpensive" to begin with, and with our once a year "Free Ad Program," it reduces that cost even further.

How does "Free" sound? That’s right: "$0, Nada, Zilch point sh..."
OK, so you get the idea.

Do You Own a Marine Related Business?

At BlueSeas, we understand the questions you typically have about advertising; especially when it comes to Return on Investment.

These are just some of the questions that you should be asking yourself and obviously, getting the answers before you make any advertising decision. At BlueSeas, we believe that we have the answers for most of these questions and more.

Membership has its Advantages!

Do You Need to Advertise?

While every business is different, the fact remains that most any business will benefit from advertising, if done correctly. Think about it for a moment: what comes to mind if someone simply mentions – "Clydesdale Horses" pulling a wagon or "Golden Arches" at the strreet corner, or a white dog with a "red and white bullseye symbol" around one eye?

Advertising Works!

Is it Difficult to Set Up a Major Advertising Campaign?

While the process is not difficult, it can be somewhat time consuming.

The advertising company is going to want to know a lot about You, Your business, Your website, the demographics of Your likely customer base. This probably will take the better part of a couple of weeks.

Almost forgot, somewhere in the first 10 minutes of your first meeting they are going to want to know how much you have allocated for your advertising budget.

They will then start to craft an advertising plan that will fit your goals and your business’s market niche; another week or two.

From there they will draft a campaign and graphics for your approval.

Oh yeah and somewhere along this path they will tell you how much all of this is going to cost you.

Will my Advertisements be Reaching the Right Audience?

The major advertising companies excel at branding campaigns, but it is a bit more hit or miss when it comes to advertising a single product or service in a niche market like the boating and yachting community.

You need to know ahead of time if they have good inroads into the marine market. If not, are they simply going to plaster your advertising on every wall possible and see what sticks?

And Finally: How Much is This Going to Cost Me?

Let me simply say that a full-fledged advertising campaign; "ain’t" cheap!

The BlueSeas Solution

How Much?

We covered this at the very top of the page. Sorry, but after trying as best we could, we just couldn't shave anything more off of "Free."

Sorry, but after trying as best we could, we just couldn't shave anything more off of "Free."

Our Audience

Consider this: The BlueSeas Readership are not casual internet surfers. They are active and dedicated boaters seeking the latest information about planning their route or passage to their next cruising destination. They want to know as much as possible about the waters that they intend to travel and that includes what marine businesses and services are available along the way to meet their needs.

Answers to Your Other Questions

For more information about the BlueSeas website and our nearly 30,000 per month average readership, as well as our monthly newsletter audience, you can visit our BlueSeas Website Statistics Page.

If your business offers products, facilities, or services that are relevant to the boating and yachting community, then picture your ad on one of our pages.

STARPATH School of Navigation

When You Absolutely Have To Get There!

"How Better to Target Your Marine Business Advertising!"

So, if you are a marine related business owner, you need to take advantage of this opportunity to get some FREE advertising on the BlueSeas Website!

More details of our "Free Advertisement" offer can be found at our Free Ad Policy Page or you can go directly to our "Free Advertisement Request Form."

To find out more information about our free advertising offer on our website or for custom advertising campaigns, please email us at (Preferred) or call us at 904-203-5200 with your questions or requests.

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