BlueSeas Advertising and Sponsorship Policy

We are not going to bore you with some 200 point bullet list of what we accept or do not accept in the way of advertising on the BlueSeas website. Let's simply say that if your advertisement is relevant to the content of our website it is acceptable. That being said, BlueSeas in its sole discretion will make that determination.

Advertising Policy

Below is a listing of guidelines that we attempt to follow:

Advertising will be limited as to quantity. We are not going to cram our content full of advertisements in order to generate revenue. Our house advertisements will be removed to provide the maximum return to our advertisers by limiting adjacent competitive advertisements.

All advertising is non-rotational. This means that your ad and only your ad will appear in the slot you purchase (unless you specifically request otherwise,) providing you with maximum exposure.

Advertising must be of the highest quality. While we will not run advertisements that appear to be designed and drawn by a 3 year old, it is important for you to strike a balance between high quality art work and your banner file size. Banners that seriously affect page loading speeds will not be accepted. Please keep your file sizes as small as possible.

Advertising must be relevant. We realize that many of our readers are golfers, but advertisements featuring golf clubs are still not relevant.

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Advertising Guidelines


At no time does the appearance of any advertising on this website imply endorsement of the advertised company, product, or service unless specifically stated otherwise. Advertisers do not affect editorial content in any way.


BlueSeas can provide status reports of impressions and clicks at the advertiser’s request.


This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor with our introductory pricing. With prices this low you may want to consider purchasing your advertising in 60 day increments.

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To sign up or for more information concerning advertising on our website or for custom advertising campaigns, please call us at 609-226-4794 or email with your requests.

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