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U.S. Chart No. 1 Corrected 2013 Edition - (12/6/14)

New Edition 2014 Pub. #148 - Sailing Directions (Enroute) Caribbean Vol. II

New Edition 2015 - USCG Light Lists

New Edition 2014 Pub. #200 - Sailing Directions (Planning & Enroute) Antarctica

New Edition 2015 Pub. #140 - Sailing Directions (Planning) North Atlantic Ocean and Adjacent Seas

New Edition 2015 Pub. #147 - Sailing Directions (Enroute) Caribbean Sea Vol. 1

Did You Know?

Cardinal Marks

Cardinal Marks are primarily used in to indicate the position of a hazard and the direction of safe water; which is always to the named side of the mark.

All Cardinal Marks are horizontally banded yellow and black and have black cone shaped topmarks.

When lighted, Cardinal Marks will:

  • Only show white lights.
  • Will always be either “Quick Flashing (Q)” or “Very Quick Flashing (VQ).”
  • The cycle period will either be 5, 10, or 15 seconds.
  • The phase characteristic is different for each of the Cardinal Marks to allow for their identification at night.

For a full explanation of Cardinal Marks and their characteristics - Read the full article . . .

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Navigation Alerts

AICW - Florida Bridge Schedule
Temporary schedule changes for the Flagler Memorial Bridge. read more ...

Recent Updates

New Edition 2014 Pub #117 - Radio Navigational Aids.

Updated Bridge and Lock Schedules for the AICW.

Updated Bridge Schedules for the Florida GICW.

Updated Bridge Schedules for the NJICW.

New Edition 2015 - U.S. Coast Pilot #7.

New Edition 2014 - Sailing Directions #153.

New Edition 2015 - World Port Index.

Miracle on the Hudson.

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