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Are you a boating novice or maybe a seasoned professional captain? Are you involved in cruising, passagemaking, yacht and boat deliveries, or are you just heading offshore for some fishing? Here at BlueSeas you will find a wide selection of boating and yachting resources to assist you in getting to where you want to go.

Our yachting and boating resources will cover marine navigation, boating safety, cruising guides, marine weather, and marine radio communications and should prove to be a valuable addition to your navigation and cruising library.

We will be adding new material and resources as they become available, so check back with us often. You should also note that many of the navigation publications are revised annually. We will post the latest editions as soon as we have them.

Most of the boating resources found on our site are in the public domain (free of copyright restrictions) and the few that are not, are free for your personal and private use.

In an effort to standardize file formats, all files found on our website will be Zipped PDF format to reduce file size and allow for faster downloading.

If you have suggestions or recommendations for additional material, questions, or comments, send an e-mail to our Support Mailbox at

So, for the navigator, yacht and boat delivery crew, cruiser, or passagemaker I hope that you find some of these yachting and boating resources useful during the planning of your next trip.