Great Lakes Marine Weather

Marine Weather Service Chart

The full size Marine Weather Service Chart - Great Lakes (shown above) in zipped PDF format is available for download.

Lake Ontario

Open Lake Forecast

Near Shore Forecast - Niagara River to St. Lawrence River

Lake Erie

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Near Shore - Buffalo, NY to Ripley, NY

Near Shore - Maumee Bay, OH to Ripley, NY

Near Shore - Detroit River, MI to Maumee Bay, OH

Lake St. Claire

Open Lake Forecast - Lake St. Claire

Lake Huron

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Nearshore Forecast - Point Iroquois, MI to Straits of Mackinac, MI

Nearshore Forecast - Straits of Mackinac, MI to Saginaw Bay, MI

Nearshore Forecast - Saginaw Bay, MI to Port Huron, MI

Lake Michigan

Open Lake Forecast - Lake Michigan

Nearshore Forecast - Straits of Mackinac to Manistee, MI

Nearshore Forecast - Manistee, MI to St. Joseph, MI

Nearshore Forecast - St. Joseph, MI to Michigan City, IN

Nearshore Forecast - Michigan City, IN to Winthrop Harbor, IL

Nearshore Forecast - Winthrop Harbor, IL to Sheboygan, WI

Nearshore Forecast - Sheboygan, WI to Rock Island Passage, WI / Southern Green Bay

Nearshore Forecast - Rock Island Passage, MI to Seul Choix Point, MI / Northern Green Bay

Nearshore Forecast - Seul Choix Point, MI to Straits of Mackinac, MI

Lake Superior

Open Lake Forecast - Lake Superior

Nearshore Forecast - Whitefish Point, MI to Saxon Harbor, WI

Nearshore Forecast - Saxon Harbor, WI to Grand Portage, MN

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