U.S. Coast Pilots

The United States Coast Pilot® (USCP) consists of a 9 volume series of nautical publications broken down by geographical areas of the United States. New editions of The U.S. Coast Pilot are published annually throughout the year.

Also included in this book, is detailed information on the subjects of most concern to those of us who venture offshore.

Coast Pilot for Navigating U.S. Waters

Information received by NOAA from various sources concerning depths, dangers, currents, facilities, and other topics, which has not been verified by Government surveys or inspections, is often included in the United States Coast Pilot; such unverified information is qualified as "reported," and while this information should not be ignored, it should be regarded with caution.

Coast Pilot #1 - Eastport to Cape Cod (2020) - Download
(New!) 2020 Edition.

Coast Pilot #2 - Cape Cod to Sandy Hook (2020) - Download

Coast Pilot #3 - Sandy Hook to Cape Henry (2020) - Download

Coast Pilot #4 - Cape Henry to Key West (2019) - Download

Coast Pilot #5 - Gulf of Mexico, Puerto Rico, & the USVI (2020) - Download
(New!) 2020 Edition.

Coast Pilot #6 - Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River (2019) - Download

Coast Pilot #7 - Pacific Coast - Hawaii - Pacific Islands (2019) - Download

Coast Pilot #8 - Alaska-Dixon Entrance to Cape Spence (2019) - Download

Coast Pilot #9 - Alaska-Cape Spencer to Beaufort Sea (2019) - Download

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