~ Your Advertising Submission is on its Way! ~

So What Happens Now?

Once we have received your submission a number of things occur:
  1. We will determine which of our website pages most closely matches your business location.
    • We will check that Free Advertising Space exists on the page we select.
    • We will verify your ad details with you via email and let you know at what location we have chosen to place your listing.
    • For the process to continue a response from you will be necessary.
    • We will carefully consider any suggestions you may offer as to the proper page on which to run your advertisement.
  2. We will then publish your ad to our web pages.

  3. Once your ad has been published we will notify you via email with a link to your listing.
If we happen to have any questions or we run into problems we will be in contact.

And thank you for joining the BlueSeas family!

Jerry and the Crew @ BlueSeas