Great Lakes Current Marine Weather Observations

Dial-A-Buoy Great Lakes

Dial-A-Buoy provides the mariner with an easy to use system to receive current weather information for the Great Lakes area. The system is accessed through a toll free phone number allowing the mariner to gather up to date weather information any time and anywhere they can make a phone call.

The Station List

The tables below list the weather coast stations and buoys of the Great Lakes. We have broken them down by geographic area (individual lakes) to assist in locating the stations of importance to you. We have also converted the mixed character and number station id’s to their numeric equivalent to aid in dialing in the correct number.

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We have started at Lake Superior and continued south and east to Lake Ontario.

While not every station has been included, the list is comprehensive enough to provide very good coverage. If any errors are noted or if you would like to see a particular station included that we have left out, please e-mail us with your requests, corrections, or recommendations.

Great Lakes WX Reporting Stations

Name Station ID Location Description Wave Heights Status Phone ID
Lake Superior
Duluth DULM5 46°46’30"N 92°05’36"W Duluth, MN     38565
Port Wing PNGW3 46°47’32"N 91°23’10"W Port Wing, WI     76493
Silver Bay SLVM5 47°16’08"N 91°15’06"W Silver Bay, MN     75865
Devils Island DISW3 47°04’46"N 90°43’42"W Devils Island, WI     34793
Saxon Harbor SXHW3 46°33’45"N 90°26’14"W Saxon Harbor, WI     79493
Grand Marias GDMM5 47°44’43"N 90°20’44"W Grand Marais, MN     43665
West Superior 45006 47°20’05"N 89°47’34"W 33.9 NM NNW of Ontonagon, WI Yes   45006
Rock of Ages ROAM4 47°52’00"N 89°18’48"W Rock of Ages, MI     76264
Keweenaw Waterway (N) 45023 47°16’12"N 88°36’25"W 2.4 NM NNE of Entrance to Waterway Yes   45023
Portage Canal PCML4 47°16’32"N 88°31’40"W Portage Canal, MI     72564
Keweenaw Waterway (S) 45025 46°58’07"N 88°23’52"W 1.4 NM East of Entrance to Waterway Yes Intermittent 45023
Passage Island PILM4 48°13’24"N 88°21’57"W 2.9 NM NE of Isle Royal, MI     74564
Grand Traverse GTRM4 47°10’43"N 88°14’29"W 7 NM East of Lake Linden, MI     48764
Mid Superior 45001 48°03’41"N 87°47’33"W 60 NM NNE of Hancock, MI Yes   45001
Big Bay BIGM4 46°49’37"N 87°43’36"W Big Bay, MI     24464
Marquette CG MCGM4 46°32’44"N 87°22’43"W Marquette, MI     62464
Stannard Rock STDM4 47°11’01"N 87°13’30"W 29.7 NM NE of Big Bay, MI     78364
Slate Island 45136 48°31’48"N 86°57’00"W 5.8 NM SSE of Slate Island, Canada Yes   45136
Munising Buoy 45173 46°34’21"N 86°34’14"W 10.3 NM NNE of Munising, MI Yes   45173
East Superior 45004 47°35’07"N 86°35’06"W 70.6 NM North of Munising, MI Yes   45004
Grand Marais 45172 46°44’31"N 85°57’28"W 4.4 NM NNE of Grand Marais, MI Yes   45172
Whitefish Point WFPM4 46°45’36"N 84°58’12"W Whitefish Point, MI   Intermittent 93764
Pt. Iroquois PTIM4 46°29’04"N 84°37’51"W Point Iroquois, MI     78464
Name Station ID Location Description Wave Heights Status Phone ID
St. Marys River
SW Pier SWPM4 46°30’06"N 84°22’24"W Sault Ste. Marie, MI     79764
Little Rapids LTRM4 46°29’06"N 84°18’00"W Sault Ste. Marie, MI     58764
West Neebish WNEM4 46°16’59"N 84°12’18"W West Neebish Island, MI     96364
Rock Cut RCKM4 46°15’54"N 84°11’30"W Rock Cut, MI     72564
Name Station ID Location Description Wave Heights Status Phone ID
Lake Michigan
Little Traverse Bay 45022 45°24'10"N 85°05'16"W 5.9 NM WNW of Petoskey, MI Yes   45022
Grand Traverse Light GTLM4 45°12'38"N 85°33'01"W 5.5 NM NNE of Northport, MI     48564
Grand Traverse Bay 45020 44°47'20"N 85°36'14"W 1.7 NM NNE of Traverse City, MI Yes   45020
Manistee Harbor MEEM4 44°14'51"N 86°20'45"W Manistee, MI     63364
Big Sable Point BSBM4 44°03'17"N 86°30'50"W 6.6 NM NNW of Ludington, MI     27264
Ludington (Offshore) 45024 43°58'36"N 86°33'34"W 5.0 NM WNW of Ludington, MI Yes   45024
Ludington LDTM4 43°56'51"N 86°26'29"W Ludington, MI     53864
Muskegon MKGM4 43°13'36"N 86°20'20"W Muskegon, MI     65464
Muskegon (Offshore) 45161 43°10'46"N 86°21'24"W 2.9 NM SSW of Muskegon, MI Yes   45161
Holland 45029 42°53'58"N 86°16'20"W 3.2 NM West of Port Sheldon, MI Yes   45029
South Michigan 45007 42°40'25"N 87°01'34"W 36.6 NM WSW of Holland, MI Yes   45007
South Haven SVNM4 42°24'05"N 86°17'17"W South Haven, MI     78664
South Haven (Offshore) 45168 42°23'49"N 86°19'51"W 2.1 NM WSW of South Haven, MI Yes   45168
St. Joseph, MI SJOM4 42°05'52"N 86°29'40"W St. Joseph, MI     75664
Cook Nuclear (Offshore) 45026 41°58'58"N 86°37'01"W 4.8 NM SW of Stevensville, MI Yes   45026
Michigan City (Offshore) 45170 41°45'18"N 86°58'05"W 3.2 NM NW of Michigan City, IN Yes   45170
Michigan City MCYI3 41°43'45"N 86°54'42"W Michigan City, IN     62943
Burns Harbor BHRI3 41°38'47"N 87°08'50"W Burns Harbor, IN     24743
Calumet Harbor CMTI2 41°43'48"N 87°32'18"W 9.0 NM SSE of Navy Pier Chicago, IL     26842
Chicago Park District JAKI2 41°46'50"N 87°34'23"W 6.8 NM SSE of Navy Pier Chicago, IL     52542
Northerly Island CNII2 41°51'21"N 87°36'34"W 2.2 SSW of Navy Pier Chicago, IL     26442
Ohio Street Beach 45177 41°53'39"N 87°36'47"W 0.7 NM WNW of Navy Pier Chicago, IL Yes   45177
Chicago CHII2 41°54'58"N 87°34'20"W 1.9 NM NNE of Navy Pier Chicago, IL     24442
Montrose Ave. Beach 45018 41°58'04"N 87°38'14"W 4.9 NM NNW of Navy Pier Chicago, IL Yes   45018
Wilmette 45174 42°08'06"N 87°39'18"W 4.6 NM East of Glencoe, IL     45174
Waukegan WHRI2 42°21'38"N 87°48'48"W Waukegan, IL     94742
Kenosha KNSW3 42°35'20"N 87°48'31"W Kenosha, WI     56793
Milwaukee MLWW3 43°02'41"N 87°52'49"W Milwaukee, WI     65993
Atwater Park (Offshore) 45013 43°06'00"N 87°51'00"W 1.8 NM ENE of Shorewood, WI     45013
Port Washington PWAW3 43°23'17"N 87°52'00"W Port Washington, WI     79293
Sheboygan SGNW3 43°44'58"N 87°41'34"W Sheboygan, WI     74693
Kewaunee KWNW3 44°27'54"N 87°29'45"W Kewaunee, WI     59693
Algoma AGMW3 44°36'29"N 87°25'59"W Algoma, WI     24693
Central Green Bay 45014 44°48'00"N 87°45'36"W 6.7 NM EES of Pensaukee, WI     45014
Menominee MNMM4 45°05'45"N 87°35'24"W Menominee, WI     66664
Chambers Island CBRW3 45°11'54"N 87°21'35"W Chambers Island, WI     22793
Yacht Works Sister Bay SYWW3 45°12'08"N 87°7'15"W 0.8 NM North of Sister Bay, WI     79993
Northport Pier NPDW3 45°17'27"N 86°58'36"W 0.4 NM NE of Northport, WI     67393
North Michigan 45002 45°20'39"N 86°24'41"W 19.2 NM East of Washington Island, WI Yes   45002
Fairport FPTM4 45°37'07"N 86°39'34"W 2.3 NM WWN of Point Detour, MI     37864
Port Inland PNLM4 45°58'06"N 85°52'08"W 6.3 NM EES of Gulliver, MI     76564
Naubinway NABM4 46°5'13"N 85°26'40"W Naubinway, MI     62264
White Shoal Light WSLM4 45°50'32"N 85°08'07"W 5.3 NM NW of Waugoshance Point, MI     97564
Straits of Mackinac 45175 45°49'31"N 84°46'20"W 3.5 NM NW of Mackinaw City, MI Yes   45175
Name Station ID Location Description Wave Heights Status Phone ID
Lake Huron
Spectacle Reef Light SRLM4 45°46'24"N 84°08'12"W 16.1 NM ENE of Cheybogan, MI     77564
De Tour DTLM4 45°59'33"N 83°53'54"W De Tour Village, MI     38564
North Channel East 45154 46°03'00"N 82°38'24"W 15.3 NM SE of Blind River, Canada Yes   45154
Georgian Bay 45137 45°32'24"N 81°00'36"W 26.6 NM WWS of Pointe au Baril, Canada Yes   45137
South Georgian Bay 45143 44°56'24"N 80°37'36"W 20.1 NM North of Meaford, Canada Yes   45143
Southern Lake Huron 45149 44°56'24"N 80°37'36"W 19.7 NM SW of Goderich, Canada Yes   45149
Ft. Gratiot FTGM4 43°00'24"N 82°25'21"W Fort Gratiot, MI     38464
Port Sanilac PSCM4 43°25'12"N 82°32'24"W Port Sanilac, MI     77264
Harbor Beach HRBM4 43°50'45"N 82°38'34"W Harbor Beach, MI     47264
Saginaw Bay Light SBLM4 43°48'36"N 83°43'12"W 14.9 NM NNE of Bay City, MI     72564
Saginaw Bay 45163 43°59'08"N 83°35'41"W 5.8 NM SE of Au Gres, MI Yes   45163
Gravelly Shoals GSLM4 44°01'06"N 83°32'14"W 7.2 NM ESE of Au Gres, MI     47564
Alpena (Offshore) 45162 44°59'13"N 83°16'11"W 8.3 NM SE of Alpena, MI Yes   45162
Alpena LPNM4 45°03'47"N 83°25'43"W Alpena, MI     57664
Thunder Bay TBIM4 45°02'05"N 83°11'39"W Thunder Bay Island, MI     82464
North Huron 45003 45°21’03"N 82°50’23"W 32 NM NE of Alpena, MI Yes   45003
Mackinaw MACM4 45°46'39"N 84°43'15"W Mackinaw City, MI     62264
Name Station ID Location Description Wave Heights Status Phone ID
Lake St. Clair
St. Clair Shores CLSM4 42°28’16"N 82°52’36"W St. Clair Shores, MI     25764
Lake St. Clair 45147 42°25’48"N 82°40’48"W 20 NM ENE of Windsor, ON Yes   45147
Name Station ID Location Description Wave Heights Status Phone ID
Lake Erie
Toledo THRO1 41°41'37"N 83°28'21"W Toledo, OH     84761
Toledo Water Intake 45165 41°42'07"N 83°15'41"W 2.4 NM North of Reno Beach, OH Yes   45165
Toledo Light THLO1 41°49'32"N 83°11'37"W 10.7 NM SE of Monroe, MI     84561
South Bass SBIO1 41°37'44"N 82°50'29"W South Bass Island, OH Yes   72461
Marblehead MRHO1 41°32'37"N 82°43'53"W Marblehead, OH     67461
Huron Light HHLO1 41°24'02"N 82°32'43"W Huron, OH     44561
West Erie 45005 41°40'36"N 82°23'54"W 15.5 NM North of Vermilion, OH Yes   45005
Lakewood 45169 41°36'53"N 81°49'16"W 8.1 NM North of Lakewood, OH Yes   45169
Cleveland Crib 45176 41°33'01"N 81°45'55"W 4.5 NM NW of Cleveland, OH Yes   45176
Cleveland (Offshore) 45164 41°43'55"N 81°41'37"W 14 NM North of Cleveland, OH     45164
Cleveland CNDO1 41°32'30"N 81°38'12"W Cleveland, OH     26361
Fairport FAIO1 41°45'51"N 81°16'52"W Fairport Harbor, OH     32461
Port Stanley 45132 42°27'36"N 81°13'12"W 12.1 NM South of Port Stanley, Canada Yes   45132
Geneva GELO1 41°51'33"N 80°58'31"W Geneva-On-The-Lake, OH     43561
Conneaut CBLO1 41°58'50"N 80°33'20"W Conneaut, OH     22561
Erie 45167 42°11'08"N 80°08'12"W 4.1 NM NNW of Erie, PA Yes   45167
Presque Isle EREP1 42°10'19"N 80°05'51"W 2.6 NM NNW of Erie, PA     37371
Dunkirk DBLN6 42°29'37"N 79°21'14"W Dunkirk, NY     32566
Port Colborne 45142 42°44'24"N 79°17'24"W 8.7 NM SSE of Port Colborne, Canada Yes   45142
Sturgeon Point PSTN6 42°41'28"N 79°02'52"W 3.3 NM NNW of Angola, NY     77866
Buffalo BUFN6 42°52'39"N 78°53'26"W Buffalo, NY     28366
Name Station ID Location Description Wave Heights Status Phone ID
Lake Ontario
West Lake Ontario 45139 43°15'0"N 79°31'48"W 3.7 NM NNE of Grimsby, Canada Yes   45139
Niagara Coast Guard YGNN6 43°15'42"N 79°03'52"W Youngstown, NY     94664
NW Lake Ontario 45159 43°46'12"N 78°58'48"W 5.2 NM SSE of Ajax, Canada Yes   45159
Olcott Harbor OLCN6 43°20'27"N 78°43'10"W Olcott, NY     65266
Rochester RPRN6 43°15'45"N 77°35'53"W 3.1 NM NNW of Irondequoit, NY     77766
East Lake Ontario 45012 43°37'15"N 77°24'23"W 24.8 NM North of Webster, NY Yes   45012
Prince Edward 45135 43°46'48"N 76°52'12"W 10.5 NM SE of South Bay, Canada Yes   45135
Oswego OSGN6 43°27'51"N 76°30'41"W Oswego, NY     67466

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