Bermuda’s Current Marine Weather Observations

Dial-A-Buoy - Bermuda

Dial-A-Buoy provides the mariner with an easy to use system to receive current weather information for Bermuda and its surrounding waters. The system is accessed through a toll free phone number allowing the mariner to gather up to date weather information any time and anywhere they can make a phone call.

The Station List

The table below lists the coast stations and buoys in the vicinity of Bermuda. We have also converted the mixed character and number station id’s to their numeric equivalent to aid in dialing in the correct number.

While not every station has been included, the list is comprehensive enough to provide very good coverage. If any errors are noted or if you would like to see a particular station included that we have left out, please e-mail us with any corrections or recommendations.

Bermuda WX Reporting Stations

Name Station ID Location Description Wave Heights Status Phone ID
Bermuda Esso Pier BEPB6 32°22’22"N 64°42’10"W St. Georges, Bermuda     23726
West Bermuda 41048 31°51’36"N 69°35’24"W 247 NM West of Bermuda Yes   41048
South Bermuda 41049 27°32’12"N 62°56’42"W 300 NM SSE of Bermuda Yes   41049

Dial-A-Buoy Downloads

The buoy and station list can be downloaded for your personal use. The ZIP file contains the schedule in Adobe (.pdf) file format.


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