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World Oceans Pilot Charts

The pilot chart can be one of the most valuable assets for the long distance voyager or passagemaker. As an aid to the navigator, it provides an additional tool for voyage planning by allowing a route to be selected that is favorable as to weather and ocean conditions.

Pilot charts depict in some detail the prevailing weather patterns including: wind directions and speeds, wave heights, ocean currents, visibility, barometric pressures, sea surface temperatures, and ice limits to be found in the areas covered for each month of the year.

Atlas of Pilot Charts

Pilot Charts of the Worlds OceansPilot charts are issued in 5 volumes: North Atlantic Ocean, South Atlantic Ocean, North Pacific Ocean, South Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. All information is presented graphically for each 5° section of the chart and describes the averages from meteorological and oceanographic observations made over hundreds of years for each month of the year.

South Atlantic Pilot Charts - Pub. #105 (1995)

North Atlantic Pilot Charts - Pub. #106 (2002)

South Pacific Pilot Charts - Pub. #107 (1998)

South Pacific Ocean (1998) Complete Atlas - Download

North Pacific Pilot Charts - Pub. #108 (1994)

Indian Ocean Pilot Charts - Pub. #109 (2001)

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