Oswego Canal Downloads

Below are links to download all Oswego Canal cruising files:

Oswego Canal Lock Chamber Waypoints

A complete list of lock chamber waypoints with their locations and latitude & longitude of the center of the lock chamber.

Oswego Canal Waypoints - Download

Oswego Canal Lock and Transit Table

A complete listing of all locks on the Oswego Canal with their locations, lifts, lock phone numbers, distances, and transit times. Distances in SM's, NM's, and KM's.

Oswego Canal Lock & Transit Table - Download

Oswego Canal Bridges

A complete listing of all bridges, guard gates, overhead pipelines, and other structures crossing the Oswego Canal. Bridge names, identification, and vertical clearances at both normal and maximum pool levels are shown.

Oswego Canal Bridge Clearances Table - Download

Oswego Canal Distances

A distance table showing locks, canal junctions, and ports along the Oswego Canal. Tables are available in SM's, NM's, and KM's.

Oswego Canal Distance Tables - Download

Notice to Mariners

The latest navigational information can be found at Canal System Notice to Mariners. Anyone planning to transit the canal system should check these notices for last minute information on closures and restrictions.

All tables mentioned above including: Lock Chamber Waypoints, Lock & Transit Table, Bridge Clearances, and Distances between Ports can be downloaded as a single file.

Oswego Canal NavPak - Download

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